Our MAK-KIST Heritage celebrates Fair Isle's long knitting tradition, from the best of our real Shetland wool to the beautiful texture of the sea that surround us on a calm day. The kit comes complete with all the yarns and tools you are going to need to start your journey into Fair Isle knitting. It contains: 100% Shetland worsted wool in the Heritage colours Madder, Peat, Gold, Indigo and Natural white. A sample of a 2021clip, Fair Isle fleece (Shetland Wool). Yarn snips resembling the hand shears we use in the island to 'clip' our sheep. A set of 6" Double Pointed, 'driftwood-finished' knitting needles. A branded cotton bag to carry your project. Postcard and wrist warmer instructions and chart booklet, both printed on Shetland Reeve paper. PDF files for neck warmer and hat.